Top 10 Four Star Operators in Arknights【アークナイツ/明日方舟/명일방주】

Top 10 Four Star Operators in Arknights【アークナイツ/明日方舟/명일방주】


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Which four stars from the list do you guys have E2? Personally I E2’d all the operators in the list except for Cuora (since im waiting for Bubble + have E2Lvl80 Nian). My personal favorites from this list are Click, Ambriel, Podenco, Utage, Myrtle, May (in that order).

Some things I want to mention but wasnt able to. Click is low in the list because for “ST Caster” Eyja S3 and Amiya S3 are really really strong so you wont often need someone like Click if you have Eyja and/or Amiya (Although Click will do more dps than them against armored enemy). Another thing is Angelina S3 is only 25 SP (Podenco is 23 SP) both start at 10 SP. Angelina’s skill uptime is 25 secs but podenco is instant (if you pop the skill, it will recharge SP as soon as the spores fall) this means that by the time Angelina finishes her S3, podenco will have used two spores already. This degree of spammability is what makes her really strong and fun to use. You can keep her at E1 S7 if you just need her occasionally but if you E2 her I recommend going all in with Mastery 3.

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – #10 (Sniper)
2:53 – #9 (Caster)
7:22 – #8 (Guard)
9:33 – #7 (Specialist)
10:41- #6 (Sniper)
11:54 – #5 (Guard)
14:24 – #4 (Defender)
15:42 – #3 (Supporter)
21:41 – #2 (Specialist)
23:26 – #1 (Vanguard)

▶️【List of BGM used】
ayiko – Tashikametai Nukumori (feat. Shoko) (
ってみた : 完全感覚Dreamer / Covered by 獅子神レオナ ONE OK ROCK (

Twinfield – Prank Heart (feat. 初音ミク) (

Demon Slayer by LiSA – Gurenge / Leona – Kimetsu no Yaiba Opening (

Powerless feat kakichoco – Sentinel

Vanity【Powerless Sounds feat kakichoco】 C90

Kitsune – Sweet (

NARUTO-ナルト-疾風伝 シルエット/KANA-BOON

Xomu & Justin Klyvis – Setsuna (Kirara Magic Remix)