Mudrock Doctor Doctor【Arknights】

Mudrock Doctor Doctor【Arknights】


Mudrock under the armor is finally revealed….this time featuring Mudrock on the Doctor Doctor Series

English Subtitles are available in captions!

All of her voice lines by default as inside the suit, so it was quite hard to make the Doctor Loop

This video is made by myself and ButterDog together 🙂

The intro is inspired by 超元气的killer桑UP

Below are the fellow friends from my Discord that helped me out
Whimsy – Drawing the Mudrock’s Sprite

Luna – Drawing the Closure Sprite

Thumbnail by 菜批阿米狗Leria_V


This is the hardest one to make compared to all the previous Doctor Doctors, due to having to animate the sprite itself and everything, it took awhile but it’s worth it

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