Weedy Doctor Doctor【Arknights】

Weedy Doctor Doctor【Arknights】

English subtitles/ captions are available!

We’re back with another video featuring Weedy who is about to come on Global. This video also is the first to showcase actual UHD Chibis that is fully redrawn, which takes a long time to do, but the effort is worth it.

However as sad as it seems, most of the previous animations that I made will end up breaking due to the fact that the Rig and the size of the Chibi have been increased, but is it still fairly acceptable when it comes to the Quality.

Regardless of all future animations that are made will have similar or close to this Quality that is shown in the video when it comes to Arknights Animations

I worked along with ButterDog on this, but sadly she’s in the Hospital right now, let’s hope for her speedy recovery 🙁

Thumbnail Edited and provided by Luna

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