Frostnova | Happy End [Arknights]

Frostnova | Happy End [Arknights]

Spoilers ahead, this is a what-if scenario based on what happened on Chapter 6 and it’s ending, make sure to clear it before you watch this video to avoid any spoilers! This took some time to make, our snow bunny waifu deserves a better ending, think of it as an alternative ending a different universe for Frostnova 🙂

The story on Frostnova and Doctor continues…there will be a couple of videos similar to this in the future, though it takes a long time to make these. If you are upset by this video I’m sorry!

Big thanks to Yui for helping me out on voicing for Frostnova,

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Kudos to Wullnar with assistance on helping me with the black background for end screen

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