Arknights – New 6 Star Loli, Suzuran【アークナイツ/明日方舟/명일방주】

Arknights – New 6 Star Loli, Suzuran【アークナイツ/明日方舟/명일방주】

MUSIC: Kimi no toriko
“Rhodes Island operator Lisa… oh no, Suzuran, operator Suzuran! It’s the callsign I picked myself! I’m officially an operator today, please treat me well!”

Operator Suzuran, a vulpo child with nine tails. Her original name is Lisa. A child with the blood of her father, and also unfortunately infected in Siracusa.

When Suzuran decided to become an operator, she had trouble deciding her callsign for three days. But apart from that, Suzuran never complained once about the difficult training and lengthy tests.

With an attitude unbefitting of her age, Suzuran convinced the operators in human resources who tried to stop her with her own actions.

Little hope is always hidden within grand situations. Children like Suzuran will always make one glad.

Note: hopefully the human resources department can treat Suzuran’s profile objectively, and don’t spoil her anymore.