Arknights – New 5 Star Ranged Guard, Ayerscarpe 【アークナイツ/明日方舟/명일방주】

Arknights – New 5 Star Ranged Guard, Ayerscarpe 【アークナイツ/明日方舟/명일방주】

I am really pleased with the kit for this guard. I am also extremely excited for the six star this banner will be releasing soon! Stay Tuned ya’ll!!!
“Catastrophe messenger escort, Ayerscarpe. Happy collaborations.”

Beep beep!
“Testing requirements: please move from the start of the finish line, and attack as many marked targets along the way as you can.”
“Please get ready.”
“3…2…1! Begin!”

Beep beep!
“Testing complete! Please take a breather, and await for the results. Over.”
“How’s the new guy?”
“Look at the arena.”
Sargon dialect!?
“All the targets were hit?!”
“All of them. And some of the ones used to test the range capabilities of close-ranged operators were hit too.”
“The hidden ones are broken as well.”
“Didn’t leave a single one.”
“And his score?”
“Hmm…about in the top 20%.”
“Oh, pretty strong.”
“Although due to the way he operates, the targets are more severely damaged. We need to replace all of them.”
“…Was it as bad as Popukar?”
“All right…We’ll pass him for this round. Write some good things in the comments.”
Beep beep!
“Tested operator Ayerscarpe, passed. Please proceed to the next arena for testing. Over.”

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